In April 2009 Tarifa witnessed the birth of a UK Kiteboard clothing brand with an epic launch party that echoes in the Spanish streets even today – Kamikaze Boarding had touched down.

Kamikaze Banner

With 12 months in creation it has been a roller coaster ride for the Kamikaze Boarding team. Pairing up with professional illustrators, photographers and riders to capture the ideal that is Kamikaze Boarding. No more straight lines, no more off the shelf surf clothing. Kamikaze Boarding have succeeded to provide fresh, urban off the hook styles put together with 100% quality.

Not a penny has gone to waste in producing the most elite in organic Fair-Trade kite sports apparel to hit the shelves. With many ideas already available and a brand that is recognised by thousands of board worshippers worldwide, Kamikaze Boarding intends to be pulling all the punches this year and beyond.

Kamikaze Boarding

It doesn’t end at clothing and accessories, Kamikaze Boarding has secured sponsorship with some red hot Pro UK and Pro German talent to ride their way to victory this year and next, flying the flag for Kamikaze Boarding Tanja Rosenkranz, Marco Simpson, Danny Maurrice, Dan Sweeney and Toby Raw.
Visit the Kamikaze web site and sign up for your free Kamikaze Boarding sticker pack and join the revolution.

Kamikaze boarding…go big or go home! Kamikaze Boarding

The Airhead team gives this new brand the big thumbs up and look out for it on a beach or in your local kiteboarding store… it’s gunna be massive… The Airhead will be back real soon with more updates from the world of exciting adrenaline filled sports so come back to get your fix.

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