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Big Salty has launched a new and unique service to all water sports users to help them keep up to date with conditions that they are interested in as soon as the latest data hits our servers. Users can either set Wind Alerts or customise swell and wind conditions to trigger their email alerts.

Big Salty Windsurf

The alert system works alongside the Watchlist concept of having a series of beaches that are of particular interest to a user. A user may decide to setup email alerts for one or more of his locations and also decide whether he wants to set the conditions manually or opt for the Big Salty Wind Star Rating.

Don’t search for the 50 year storm; let the 50 year storm search for you.

The different trigger options in more detail:

Wind Alert:
Uses the Big Salty Wind Star Rating as the basis for triggered emails. The Big Salty Wind Rating rates wind of all sailable directions for a location. So this is great to use if you don’t know the location very well but want to head there when the wind is right to hit the water.

Custom Alert:
The most flexible of the two options, the Custom Alert allows you to set a minimum and maximum wind strength for each wind direction at your location. It also allows you to set a minimum swell period and swell height for each relevant swell direction at your location.

This should allow you to customise alerts to tell you when the location is just right for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUPing, sailing, snorkelling or just about anything. If you know your location well or even think you do, this is what you need.

For more info on how to use the service check out the following link:

wind and swell alert guide

If that doesn’t answer your questions, give them a shout in the forum.

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