The Catch Surf Beater is all about fun, designed to get the most from your days at the beach … to turn a good day into an epic day that will be remembered for all time.

Catch Surf Beater 54

Created by the freaks at Catch Surf, the Beater™ Original is destined to take over the world! Surf it with or without fins, bodyboard or skim it, do whatever the heck you want. The Beater can turn an average beach day into an epic tale of radness! Now shred.

Catch Surf Beater 54

IMPROVED FOR 2012! All-new stronger, lighter and water resistant core with dual (x2) maple-ply wood stringers and thicker/stronger bottom slick for the stiffest, most durable and highest-performing Beater ever made! Available in six (6) new color-ways. Single-Fin model comes with all-new 4.5″ raked fin and Twin-fin comes with 3.5″ keel fins.
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Price: £154.00

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