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Flexifoil Hadlow ID

Flexifoil Hadlow ID Kite surf

Stemming from the existing HADLOW PRO, the HADLOW ID adds to the HADLOW Collection a kitesurfing kite firmly in the reach of all aspiring kiteboarders. With increased depower, easier relaunch and phenomenal performance in freestyle, freeriding and wave riding the Hadlow ID is an expansion on the HADLOW Collection that gives you the tools to grow and be a part of the HADLOW movement from intermediate to pro riders alike.

Flexifoil Hadlow ID Features: Hadlow Kite, Pump, Repair kit, Instructions, Registration Pack, Kite Storage Bag

Price: £689.95

Flexifoil Hadlow ID Bar & Lines

Flexifoil Hadlow ID Bar & Lines

The HADLOW ID Bar is compatible with all Flexifoil kites but represents the latest in our bar design. Constructed with simplicity to allow you to easily customise to your own preferences, you won’t find a load of marketing jargon, but what you will find is a reliable, proven and, most importantly, safe kitesurf bar that gives you direct control to your kite with our latest evolutionary tweaks to ensure it remains as effective as ever.

Features: 4-Line 22m Setup Dyneema diamond braid line .. Quick Release .. Mini 5th Safety System .. Two Chicken Loops .. Handle Grip .. 40cm Depower Line .. PU Covered Center Line .. O/S Handles .. Extended Depower Strap .. Bar Storage Bag.

Flexifoil Hadlow ID comes complete with Hadlow Kite, Pump, Repair kit, Instructions, Registration Pack, Kite Storage Bag

Price: £249.95

HQ Power Kite 1.3m

HQ 1.3 Power Kite

A fun family power kite from HQ, This two line power kite for fun recreational flying for ages 8+ Accessories included are handles, lines, bag and instructions. Wind range from 6 to 31 MPH.

Approximate Size: 130cm Wide x 55cm High

Price: £26.00