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XM Power Clip Coil Sup Leash

XM SUP Coil Surf Leash

With the popularity of stand-up paddling and surfing, surfers and paddlers have requested a leash that best meets their needs. The Coil Leash (recommended for flat water paddling) with strong urethane cord and ankle strap, Customers enjoy the security of having the “Power Clip” advantage for fast detachment if necessary! Features: Double swivel stand-off design, Hook & Loop single-wrap strap, Detachable railsaver, Key Pocket.

Price: £31.50

XM Tangle Free Leash

XM Tangle Free Surf Leash

The Tangle Free™, surfboard leash is one of the newest and most innovative surfboard leashes on the market. The cord has a light-weight slider that creates minimal drag while keeping the leash away from your feet! avoiding the cord wrapping around your leg or foot before taking off on a wave. Surf More XM’s best selling surfboard leash! Features: Tangle-free™ slider Patent # 5,531,622, Double swivel stand-off design, Hook & Loop single-wrap strap, Detachable railsaver, Key Pocket

Price: £26.75

XM Power Clip Big Wave

XM Big Wave Surf Leash

The Power Clip™ leash is designed to release the cord quickly! The Power-Clip™ leash is another innovation from XM! The EZ-grip yellow pull ring makes this leash one of the safest on the market; the pin is in, unless you want it out! Features: EZ-grip yellow pull ring w/ pin quick release Patent # 5,531,622, Double swivel stand-off design, Hook & Loop single-wrap strap, Detachable railsaver, Key Pocket

There are many dangerous situations in which surfers leash cords have become entangled, such as: Jagged Rock and Pier Pilings, Reefs, Lobster Pots and Buoy Lines, Other Surfers, In fact any submerged object can be a hazard to surfers.

Price: £29.50

XM CORE regular Leash

Xm Core Surf Leash

One of XM most popular leashes! The Core leash series come with a colored cores covered with a clear outer. A leash designed for all surf or longer boards. This leash is a must have for your kit bag, a superior designed leash to most other standard leashes. Features: Detachable railsaver, Double swivel stand-off design, Comfort hook & loop single-wrap strap, Key Pocket.

Price: £24.99

XM Islander Girls Surf Leash

XM Islander Girl Surf Leash

A leash designed specifically for girls who rip, offering a “girls rule” hibiscus label and alternative color combinations. Features: Railsaver, Double Swivel, Comfort Ankle Strap.

Price: £25.50

XM Power Clip Knee Cuff

XM surf leash replacement power clip knee cuff

The XM Knee Cuff is a replacement or upgrade for any of the XM Power Clip™ leash range, change your leash from an ankle leash to a knee leash without the full cost of a completely new leash.

Price: £10.95

Indo Board Balance Trainer Package

Indo Board Gym Package

The perfect trainer for getting your core fitness, ideal for surfers, paddle boarders, skaters, snowboarders.. in fact the Indo Balance Trainer will help with any board sport.

This offers the benefits of the IndoFLO® Balance Cushion in addition to the roller in one complete package. This training package provides a complete workout unit without taking up a lot of space. The Indo Original Training Pack combines the “Original” model deck, roller, IndoFLO® Balance Cushion and DVD.

Features: 76 x 45 cm deck .. 113 kg maximum weight limit .. 16.5 cm diameter roller .. 36 cm diameter .. polyvinyl IndoFLO® Balance Cushion (mouth inflatable)

Price: £130.00

Nah Skwell Kool Paddle Board

Nah Skwell SUP

Ever since their early days, Nah-Skwell have offered less cumbersome and less voluminous boards, because they believed that a board has to be user-friendly but must also help the rider to learn and progress easily and quickly! With its classy wood reveal and clean finish the Kool is the board to be seen out on. The Kool’s is a Full Wood Sandwich Construction offering great strength to weight ratio. Its scoop profile is of a regular curve that provides a sound and stable performance. The double concave bottom promotes glide and comfort, whilst the short vee at the tail makes this board highly manoeuvrable.

Kool 9’5” (287cm) Long .. 30” 3/4 (78cm) Wide .. 4”1/2 (11.2cm) Thick .. 170lts Volume .. 10kgs Weight
Kool 10’ (305cm) Long .. 31” 3/4 (81cm) Wide .. 4”1/2 (11.2cm) Thick .. 190lts Volume .. 11kgs Weight
Kool 10’5” (318cm) Long .. 32” 2/3 (83cm) Wide .. 4”1/2 (11.2cm) Thick .. 210lts Volume .. 11.5kgs Weight

Price: £899.00

rrd air sup

RRD Paddle Padle Air SUP

The RRD Air SIP inflates up to 18 psi ( 1,2 bars) making the boards really stable and stiff.
Using two side fins of 7 cms and one US box single fin of 19 cms, you really have a feeling not only of paddling straight for cruising, but also ride the first small waves. The new board technology will make a huge impact on the future of our stand up paddle boarding.

Volume 172 Lts
Size (inch) 10’2”x 32”x4 1/4”
Fins 2 x side 7 cms 1 x us box 19 cms single fin

Price: £699.00

RRD Spilt Paddle

RRD Split SUP Paddle

170 to 210 cms with pin lock adjustable system. An entry level paddle recommended for people short of space. It comes in two different size blades: Medium or Large. The 3 pcs adjustable shaft with an ABS blade is the new paddle built and designed for the AIRSUP where space is a crucial feature. 130/160cms with pin holess adjustable system for KIDS.

Price: £79.99