Let’s face it, there are times when having a phone with you on the water can pay dividends. Of course, with the advent of the iPhone 3G and its plethora of GPS tracking apps there’re now even more reasons to take your phone out with you: “Look, honest, I SUPed 40 miles in a day. No really, check out the Google Maps track!”.

Whether you’re planning an epic down-winder or just like to multi-task while waiting your turn in the lineup, a waterproof phone case can be a handy accessory for the connected water sports fanatic. Current offerings can be pretty costly, so it was a treat to find a solution promising a reasonable level of access to the iPhone’s functionality at a £20 price point.

The iPhone case from Aquapac follows the company’s proven recipe, i.e. a tough, flexible plastic case with a clamp-bar locking the pack shut. The two catches that lock the clamp have a reassuringly positive action and feel unlikely to release accidentally. The front of the case is thin enough to allow full use of the iPhone touch-screen, with the only problems encountered being when excessive moisture was resting on the plastic outer. Simply wipe of the excess and the case allows you to access the phone and any other app you have installed. A test game of ‘Touch Hockey’ proved a bit too tricky however, so maybe not the best if you’re planning a SUP gaming trip. As for making calls, I made and received several while testing and never encountered any problems with call quality; either hearing or being heard.

The lack of any music listening ability is a potential drawback on this model but Aquapac has a version with a waterproof headphone connector, so that could be just the ticket for those who can’t go without tunes for a few hours. we will be reviewing that model at another time.

Unlike earlier Aquapacks, the iPhone version also has a clear window on the reverse allowing use of the onboard camera. Image quality didn’t appear to suffer noticeably from being shot through the case, although camera performance on the iPhone 3G is hardly stellar in the first place. I didn’t bother removing my iPhone from it’s usual protective case before sliding it into the Aquapac, but there was still sufficient room for two silica-gel sachets inside. Once locked shut the protected phone easily fit in the top pocket of my Dakine Waterman, and, would also fit quite comfortably in the leg pocket of most board shorts.

A word of caution though; as I did, be sure to stuff one or two silica-gel sachets in the case with your phone before locking. Otherwise, you could well see a moisture build up from condensation – over time this would probably kill the phone.

All in all, the iPhone case from Aquapac is a well made, durable and easy to use product that offers good functionality and excellent value. I won’t be giving this one back!

The Airhead team would like to thank our newest member to the review team Pete… nice job..

As always the Airhead will be back with the latest and greatest from the world of fun and adventure so…. come back soon.

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