Here is Charlie Head from Ocean SUP’s new challenge, read through, follow the link and give the team your support.

The Polar Bears & Paddleboards project will demonstrate how the world’s fastest growing water sport can be used to enjoy the rivers, canals, lakes and the coastline of Britain. Paddling in one of the most remote and extreme locations on the planet, we will endeavour to showcase how safe and accessible paddleboarding can be.

Polar Bears and Paddle Boards

Polar Bears & Paddleboards is an exciting new project that will cover a number of community, social and environmental topics these include:

Highlight the underuse of the UK waterways for recreational and sporting activities.
Raise awareness of the effect of pollution and litter on waterways and marine wildlife.
Examine the impact of climate change on the Icecaps and local wildlife in Greenland.
Demonstrate the versatility of SUP as a water-sport, form of exercise and social activity.
Actively fundraise for and raise awareness of several great charitable causes.
Over the duration of the project we will be organising a number of events and challenges in London and across the UK, these events will give people the opportunity to participate in paddleboarding and help to raise money for charities.

The highlight of the Polar Bears & Paddleboards project will be a group expedition to Greenland paddling 100Km through the Sermilik Fjord in August 2013. This stunning area of Greenland coastline is littered with icebergs that calve off the icecap at the head of the Fjord and is one of the best locations for viewing icebergs on the whole of the east coast of Greenland.

We wish the team good luck on their expedition and a safe return.

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