With the spring season almost upon us, we will all be focusing on our equipment, what board we use, are there any repairs need to be done after a hard winter of use, and of course the leash we all use to keep us safe while we are on the water.

Surf More XM leashes have always been known as a quality product throughout the US, the brand has also been gaining ground throughout the EU and UK providing users with the piece of mind that they are using one of the best made products on the market, designed with innovation and quality at its heart. Over the years Surf More XM have given surfers what they demand and now expect, the range has grown from a simple leash in to a complete and comprehensive range, the Tangle Free, the SUP Coil and the Power Clip leashes to name only a few in the extensive range, all these leashes will preform make life safer and easier on the water. If you are tired of always getting the leash tangled around your feet on takeoff then the Tangle Free is what your looking for but if your are a Race Paddle Boarder then speed is what you need the SUP coil will reduce drag staying out of the water but never compromising on safety.

Surf More XM Tangle Free Leash

Take time to get the right Surf More XM leash for your needs, check with your local retailer to see the range, you will not fine better value for a similar leash.

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