XM leashes are known for their quality along with product design and with the growing popularity of SUP XM have made sure they are at the forefront of the leash market for this growing sport.

XM have developed A Coil Leash with a safety release “Power Clip”, the Coil Leash is ideal for flat water or downwind paddle boarding and can also be used for small to moderate surf, the leash sits on the board out of the water reducing any drag so the rider can maintain constant speed without leash drag. Leash drag may not seem like a big deal be when you are paddling any distance a coil leash will make all the difference.

Surf More XM Coil Leash

XM Coil Leash

Price: £31.50

The other part of the Coil Leash is the patented safety release known as the “Power Clip”, this has been proved to be a life saver to riders who surf and SUP. The Power Clip allows the rider in the event of a leash tangle with another board, being caught on a buoy or underwater obstruction such as a breakwater or reef, by pulling the release the rider can escape from the leash and any danger with great ease. The safety release feature is also available for surf on the Power Clip Straight Leash.

Surf More XM Power Clip Leash
XM Power Clip Safety System

If you are interested in the XM range of leashes then they are available from leading surf stores or you can contact the UK and European importers Surf 50 Ltd on Skype at Surf_50 or by phone on 01903 850998 or +44 1903 850998. Surf 50′s web site coming soon.

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